Mandy and Laura have been performing many types of dance throughout their lives, including ballet, jazz, and hip-hop. They began belly dancing in 2007 with Prairie Caravan Tribal Belly Dance, a troupe whose dance is influenced by Gypsy Caravan, FatChanceBellyDance® and American Tribal Style® bellydance.

      In 2012, Mandy and Laura formed their own duo as LunaSol. They are constantly exploring ways to create more contemporary styles of belly dance using a variety of music genres, as well as fusing other forms of dance with belly dance itself.

      LunaSol has performed at a variety of events including the Winnipeg FolkFestival, Sarasvati's FemFest, and the Gas Station Theatre's annual production of Girls!Girls!Girls!. They have also performed as part of the Manitoba Electronic Music Exhibition (MEME) with world electronic music DJ's Desert Dwellers from Santa Fe, NM, and Juno Award-nominated musician/DJ Adham Shaikh from British Columbia. 

      Since 2010, Mandy and Laura have developed a passion for dancing with fire props. These props include palm torches, fire fans, and swords.

      LunaSol often collaborates with local performers, including PrairieSol Fire Dance Productions, Deep Roots Strong Dance, Patron of Dreams, and Sacred Flames Dance Company.